Administrative supervision and sanctioning power

According to the General Law on Audiovisual Communication, audiovisual authorities must ensure compliance with codes; among them, the Self-regulatory Code of Television Content and Children.
A joint Committee will be created to follow up on co-regulatory agreements; it will be chaired by a representative of the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation. The self-regulation system will periodically report the General Directorate on its activity.
The Spanish Audiovisual Media Council is responsible for the procedures and penalties applied to audiovisual communication service providers; in these cases, the penalty system set out in General Law 7/2010 of 31 March on audiovisual communication shall be applied, except for infringements resulting from failure to comply with information or service termination injunctions ordered by the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation, in which case the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation of the Ministry of Finance will have sanctioning powers.