Development Kit to facilitate the use of features of the DNIe on mobile devices

In this section the DGOJ, in collaboration with the FNMT and the national police force, puts at the disposal of operators of game with empowerment for marketing online game in the Spanish territory a kit of utilities that facilitates the implantation of electronic DNI usage for the identification of the user in their platforms of game.

The kit, which is available at no cost, includes documentation and examples on how to implement in mobile applications using the electronic DNI for:

  • Extract the identifier of the DNI.
  • Verify if the citizen is of age.
  • Verify the extinction of certificates.

Download DNIe kit

Date latest version: 04 / 03 / 2019
DNIeDroid including version: v2.2

The kit is based on the component DNIeDroid, middleware designed for communication with the electronic DNI. In its Latest version implements the interface without contacts via NFC with which operates the DNIe in its version 3.0 and support for structure of travel documents. The package that is available to include the bookstore DNIeDroid, a manual of integration for developers, documentation JavaDoc format and a project in Android Studio with an example of integration.

In any case on the web of electronic DNI are available both the source code of several mobile applications for example based on the component DNIeDroid as explanatory material for developers in its section source code of applications. Source code of applications.

Through this initiative contributes to facilitate the correct identification of participants in the online gaming platforms, and therefore enhancing security mechanisms and protection of the rights of children and other vulnerable sectors, minimizing risks associated with impersonation and encouraging the use on mobile devices of a key element of certain identification as is the DNI electronically.

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