General Register of Gaming Access Bans (RGIAJ)

Under their respective powers, both the State and the Autonomous Communities have undertaken to regulate the register of prohibited gamblers.

Registration on the register of prohibited gamblers prevents them registering in those games where the component Public Authority has determined the need for prior identification of gamblers with the aim of effecting the right of citizens to whom participating in gambling activities is prohibited.

If registration on the DGOJ Register of Prohibitions is made, in addition to the ban on accessing online gambling being effective, this information will be passed to Autonomous Communities to be included in the procedures authorised by each of them to prevent access to those games where the respective regional regulations by each of them determines the need to verify the absence of registration. Similarly, the request for cancellation of such records, which can only be done through the interdiction Registry DGOJ, will be communicated to the autonomous communities to take this into account when allow access to the person game where the regulations autonomist respective determine the need to verify the absence of registration.

Moreover, the applications for registration or cancellation of the relevant prohibited autonomic extended directly in the corresponding Autonomous Community through the media adapted for that purpose Only will impact within the territorial scope of competences of the CCAA which depends on.

Likewise, each Public Authority has determined a specific configuration for their register of prohibited gamblers, setting the parameters considered most suitable to achieve the most effective protection of the gamblers.

With a view to providing citizens and the public authorities in general with comprehensive, detailed information on the main details of the registers of prohibited gamblers (state and regional), in order to provide a clear picture of what they entail, their characteristics, their purpose and the rights and duties deriving from the registration of the state register or registers pertaining to the Autonomous Community or City, it is possible to consult the search engine that collects the information regarding all the attributes that define the set up of each register of prohibited gamblers, whether at a state or regional level, with the latter according to the data provided to the DGOJ by each Autonomous Community. 

Self-prohibition in the CCAA


How to register

If you wish to request that certain players be prevented from playing in those games for which the legislation requires prior identification of participants (online and on-site games where each Autonomous Community determines that the prior identification of the participant is necessary in order to verify that it is not registered in the corresponding register of prohibited), you can apply for registration in the General Register of Gambling Access Bans of this Directorate-General in the following ways:

  • In person: through the Form RGIAJ in any of the registers under Article 16.4 Ley 39/2015 (electronic registers of the AAPP, post offices, diplomatic or consular offices of Spain abroad, assistance offices of registers or in any other that contains the special regulation), still imperative that in the request appears the date of receipt in the relevant government agency, or in the services of admission, reception or identification of users of gaming establishments and the police stations.
  • Via the Internet: at the online office  of the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation (digital certificate required).
  • You can also send the application once you have completed it using the mobile app "DNIe autoprohibidos". At the moment, this app is only available for Android devices and to use it, in addition to having a DNIe 3.0, your mobile device must have an NFC connection.


How long is registration valid for?

Registration is permanent, but you can cancel it after 6 months.

RGIAJ registrations are passed on to Autonomous Regions so that they can in turn include them in their self-exclusion registers in accordance with their regulations.


Request for a certificate of status in the Registry of Gambling Access Bans.

Remember that you can request a certificate of status in the General Register of Gambling Access Bans through the electronic office of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. If you do not have a digital certificate, it will be provided to you instantly. Otherwise, you must print the application and submit it at any registration office