National online gambling market

Publication of the annual report on national online gambling market 2019. This report, a compendium of the quarterly online gambling reports published by the DGOJ, is a step prior to the publication of the Spanish Gambling Market Data.

The GGR of 2019 was € 748.24 million, up 7.04% year over year.

Deposits and withdrawals maintains an upward trend, with an increase of 15.84% and 20.44% year over year respectively.

Marketing expenditure of 2019 was € 372 million, up 11.74% with respect to the previous quarter. Promotions have increased 10.88%; Advertising, 7.43%; Sponsorship, 43.87%; Affiliates, 23.4%.

The active gamblers was 1,370,288, down -6.7% year over year.

In the analysis of the GGR by game segments, it is noticed that:

The € 748.24 million of GGR are distributed in € 378.3 million in Betting (50.56%); € 12.7 million in Bingo (1.7%); € 273.92 million in Casino (36.52%), € 2.7 million in Contests (0.37%) and € 81,3 million in Poker (10.86%).

The betting segment had a growth rate of 3.34% year over year. The rise was due to in-played sportbetting, 11.67% year over year, which compensates the fall (-7.28%) of pre-match bettings. Pre-match represents 37.09% of the betting segment while In-played represents 60.39%.

Bingo has experienced a decrease of -5.6% with respect to the previous year.

In the casino segment there was a growth of 14.93% year over year. However, this rate is smaller than the one in previous years: 49.96% in 2017 and 33.1% in 2018. This growth was mainly due to the slots.  Since its launch in 2015 slots has led to increasingly higher market shares of the casino. In 2019 slots represents 54.47% of the casino segment, up 20.58% year over year. Life Roulette and Baccarat also grew significantly, 25.42%, 39.94% respectively. Conventional Roulette and BlackJack decreased -0.21% and -11.96% regarding previous year. Other games like complementary games disappeared.

The contests experienced in 2019 a leap of 166.23%.

The poker presents a slight decrease of -0.68% year over year, due to the fall (-6.68%) of Poker cash. Poker tournament had a rise of 2.93% with regard to 2018 and represent 64.76% of the poker market.

Marketing spending in 2019 has leapt up to€ 372 million, broken down into € 39.36 million affiliation expenses; € 20.69 million sponsorship; promotions € 128.98; and advertising € 182.98 million. 

The monthly average of active game accounts is 903.272, which implies a growth of 8.62% with respect to the same quarter of the previous year. The monthly average of the new game accounts is 265,879, with an annual increase of 3.86%.

It should be noted that since the opening of share liquidity for poker with France and Portugal, five platforms have been located in Spain.

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