Responsible Gambling Strategy in Spain 2013

The Directorate General for Gambling Regulation   announces the approval of the Responsible Gambling Strategy in Spain, with the unanimous support of all members of the Responsible Gambling Advisory Council.

The Responsible Gambling Strategy developed from the DGOJ's proposal in November 2012 to create an Advisory Council on Responsible Gambling composed of representatives from all levels related to  gambling and problem gambling,  made up of  in-person and online industry representatives, problem gambling support associations, problem gambling treatment experts,   university centres and regional regulators,  whose first task was to assist the government in developing a Responsible Gambling Strategy to minimise the negative effects  of gambling.

The Responsible Gambling Advisory Council was constituted in February 2013  and has been working to develop the now approved strategy.

This strategy covers several fields of action:  researching problem gambling,  raising social awareness  on the problem, preventing problem gambling through different actions, and lastly, coordinating health care treatments  for those affected.

The approved strategy, which is to be put to practice immediately, envisages the creation of a responsible gambling website to provide information, guidance  and support to those affected by problem gambling and their families; a helpline  for those that might be affected in Spain; and a study on gambling addiction in Spain, listing  the factors that influence problem gambling and the mechanisms to prevent it. The  DGOJ immediately accepted the task of determining progress made in these three fields, with a view to submitting their operational details for the consideration of the Responsible Gambling Advisory  Council  in its next meeting.

Document "Responsible Gambling Strategy in Spain 2013"