Affiliation activities
  1.  An affiliation activity is understood as the promotional activity or acquiring potential customers for a gambling operator.
  2. Companies exclusively carrying out affiliation activities, as long as they do not register customers or have a contract or gaming account with them, will not have to obtain a licence.
  3. Affiliates must verify that whoever requests the insertion of the advertising announcements or claims has the corresponding licence issued by the authority responsible for gambling regulation and that this authorises them to carry out the requested advertising, and not carrying out this practice if they do not have it. To obtain the information related to operators and licences obtained, you can go to the website of the authority responsible for gambling regulation, which will have this information updated.
  4. Finally, it is important to note that gambling operators will be responsible for the breach of the standard and the requisites required for the advertising and promoting of gambling, which are committed to by the companies developing the affiliation when the advertising and promoting of gambling is done on account of or by order of them.